the kat came back the very next day

or maybe more like 13 years later...

Hello, lovely people on the internet! I doubt anyone but me has looked here in over a decade, but in case you have, and you are back, surprise! I've decided to clean house and update. When last I had an "about me" here, I had not yet finished medical school, gotten married, moved to Maine, completed family medicine residency, become an outpatient primary care provider at a local hospital, had 2 kids, had various cats and dogs join and leave our family, survived 2+ years of life with COVID-19 turning all we knew upside down, and left my local hospital to join a massive health care provider that grants me what a (largely) single payer system and a sizeable medical team to help me deliver patient-centered medical care.

Since this site will likely not be updated with any sort of regularity (or perhaps only once every 13 years), I will keep things on the shorter side and point you to where I more often live while on the Internet.

where I live on the Internet